No limits.
No barriers.
More opportunities.

Let’s change the way you learn. We offer you a practical way of acquiring knowledge so you can definitely build your future.

No limits.
No barriers.
More opportunities.

We offer you a practical way to learn.

Gain oral and written fluency
Push your future career forward
Obtain an official certificate

An Airline future

Our aim is for you to learn the theoretical knowledge required to be a flight attendant or an airline pilot and receive the best training for your future career. Our goal is for you to learn in an entertaining and interactive way.

Air programmes

Go to university

A foundation course is a one-year preparation course required by some universities for international students who need additional English or Spanish language skills and academic preparation before they begin their undergraduate degree in the UK, Spain or online.

Foundation Courses
Foundation course - Think Big Languages

Language Learning

There definitely isn’t one correct way to learn languages. At THINK BIG & LANGUAGES, we understand that each student has specific needs, and because of that, we offer you different types of courses

Language Courses

Really learn a language!

We know how to do it. Get out of your comfort zone, don’t just warm up the chair, take risks, lose your fear and jump in.

Interactive and up-to-date classes
Conversation is the basic tool along with other activities

The teacher is the key
It will not only teach you a language, it will bring you closer to its culture and experiences

Technology adds value
You do not need to move, you can follow your class from any place you like

Cultural and linguistic diversity
You will learn to communicate with teachers and classmates from all over the world

A multicultural team

We are multicultural. We see the world through a single, broad filter.

We want our knowledge languages not to limit us so together we can form a generation with greater social values.

Get to know us

Un equipo multicultural

Somos multiculturales. Vemos el mundo bajo un filtro único y amplio.

Queremos que nuestro conocimiento de un idioma no nos limite y juntos, formar una generación de valor social.

Book now you English language test with a native teacher!

We create a community

We believe in teaching in a different way, we want to communicate.

Not only do we successfully teach our students a foreign language, but they also bring their value and experience.

Creamos comunidad

Creemos en la enseñanza de manera distinta, queremos comunicarnos.

No solo enseñamos a nuestros alumnos un idioma con éxito, también nos aportan valor y experiencia.

Much more than teachers

They are curious, with a story to tell.

They will not only teach you the language, but also their culture and their particular vision of the world.

From Canada to Kenya, via Belgium!

Learn their stories!

Mucho más que profesores

Son curiosos, con una historia que contar.

No solo te enseñarán el idioma, también su cultura y su particular visión del mundo.

¡Desde Canadá hasta Kenia, pasando por Bélgica!

Conoce sus historias

Mucho más que profesores

Son curiosos, con una historia que contar.

No solo te enseñarán el idioma, también su cultura y su particular visión del mundo.

¡Desde Canadá hasta Kenia, pasando por Bélgica!

Enrol now!

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Alright, you still have doubts. Let us solve them

At any time. Our longer courses are not designed to follow the guidelines of a textbook – the aim is for you to simply learn. When you enrol, you’ll do a speaking test so we can place you in the most appropriate group for your level. The following week, you’ll start your classes. To make the most of your learning, you’ll be able to change to a higher level if you progress beyond your current group’s level. In this way, your development will be constant.

If you enrol on an intensive course for exam certificate preparation, you’ll receive all kinds of exam-related material so that you can familiarise yourself with the exam format and content, and learn to do the exam tasks efficiently with the best chance of success.  If you need to work on a certain area, the teacher will provide you with specific material upon request.

All materials will be published on your virtual campus: recordings in case you want to review your group’s classes, audios, videos, essays, exams, etc. In addition, from your student panel you can access the class live and direct with a simple click. You can ask your teacher for extra material to reinforce specific areas in which you need to improve and that will be uploaded to this space.

The access with your username and password will be sent to you automatically through the email address provided by you.

Of course. Courses made for you are based on the philosophy of giving a wide range of flexibility when designing a course. We will adapt to your specific needs.

Before starting the classes, a level test will be carried out with an oral interview to ensure that all the members of the team have a similar level and can follow all the classes without difficulty.

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