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Pass your interview with flying colours

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Explore your own ideas and win the university place you deserve


Foundation course - Think Big Languages

You’ve been preparing for this moment your whole life.

Now you have the opportunity to learn and practise with both experienced teachers.

Foundation course - Think Big Languages

They’ll share their expertise with you, giving you mock exams and constructive feedback on how to improve your knowledge and approach.

Internacional - Think Big Languages

Take the chance to work on your exam technique and wow the examiners.

Ensure your skills make the grade and improve your future prospects.

How to book your classes

  1. You have been allocated a number of hours. You can use these hours at your convince.
  2. Find your chosen subject below.
  3. Look for a teacher. When you click on their name (e.g. Teacher 1), you’ll be redirected to a calendar where you can choose the time. Remember that each teacher has a different timetable. If one of them doesn’t fit your needs, choose another teacher.
  4. On the calendar that appears, select the day. Next, choose the time on the right and click ‘Confirm’.
  5. Then enter your name and email address. Click on ‘Schedule event’.
    (Remember that you can book the maximum hours that you have in different sessions during your given period.)
  6. Check your email. You’ll receive an email with a link to Zoom and the meeting details.
  7. You’ll receive a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before your meeting with all the information.
  8. When the time comes, access your class via Zoom by clicking on the link.
  9. If you need to cancel you can do it in the link you have received for the class.
    (If you don’t cancel the class with at least 24 hours. You will loose this class.)
  10. If you have any complains, you must write an email to and state clearly you complain, teacher and hour of class. This must be done within the next 3 hours of your class.

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