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Grammar Test


Oral Test

Take your English level test and you will see what level you really have.

To have an exact idea of your level you should take the grammar tests, listening tests according to your grammatical level and finally the oral test with a native teacher.

Most language examinations follow a structure that delineates what students at various proficiency levels (e.g., elementary, intermediate, and advanced) need to know and do.

Passing an exam prepared for advanced beginners is reliable evidence of proficiency at the advanced beginner level. If you take a test meant for low intermediate students and do poorly, you will know that you are not yet at that level in your target language. And the list goes on and on.

Therefore, exams measuring linguistic competence are helpful because they set attainable targets. The framework they are based on provides explicit information about the kinds of abilities one should have at various points in the process of learning a language.

Second, you’ll have a firm deadline to study for a test of language proficiency.

Language tests are useful since they serve as a constant reminder to study for and complete the objective they represent.

Here you can find your free English test.