OUR language COURSES

There definitely isn’t one correct way to learn languages. At THINK BIG & LANGUAGES, we understand that each student has specific needs, and because of that, we offer you different types of courses.

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Students will be able to improve their communication skills in the language of their choice. The student’s starting level determines which group they begin the course in, but not the one they finish it in – this depends on their individual progress. During the learning period, they will be able to advance in terms of level if they achieve the goals set at the beginning.
The student can enrol on either a half-year or an annual course.

Extended courses


If the student wants to progress in a language in less time, they can join an intensive course. These modules are centred on developing and improving abilities in a specialised field, working on communication skills or preparing for exams. They will require an extra commitment on the pupil’s behalf, and last for one or two months.

Intensive courses


Made for you courses allow the student to receive personalised attention, concentrating on their own objectives alone. The pupil has the opportunity to choose when and how to take classes, including the option to form a small group completely tailored to their needs with work colleagues or classmates. Hours can be bought in blocks and can also be combined with other courses.

Made for you courses