Pablo Aravaca Varela

Flight instructor

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Captain at Iberia Airlines
  • Pablo Aravaca Varela



Annabel Sadeghipoor is a graduate in Hispanic Studies BA (Hons) from University College London, one of the world’s top universities.

A native of the same city, she started teaching English as a foreign language in Spain after finishing her degree, being inspired by her experience as an English language assistant at a high school in Madrid during her Erasmus year.

Annabel is now a Director of Studies, focusing on a number of areas such as educational journalism, translation, revision and proof-reading in both English and Spanish, broadening her knowledge of foreign language didactics and the use of both her mother tongue and her second language, Spanish.


Alcanzar objetivos - Think Big Languages

She is broadening her knowledge of foreign language didactics

Excelencia - Think Big Languages

Her areas of excellence: translation and proof-reading

Clases relajadas y tranquilas - Think Big Languages

She creates an interesting, enthusiastic and attractive atmosphere


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