1. Ownership of the domain

In compliance with the law, we inform you that the ownership of our online outlet´s domain,, belongs to MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L., established in Spain with the company register number B88265772 and registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 38456, Book 0, Document 140, Section 8, Page M-684025, Entry 1.

For any enquiries, contact our Customer Services via email at or by telephone on (+34) 918 588 470.  Our timetable for telephone enquires is from 10:00 to 20:00, from Monday to Friday (CEST, Madrid time zone).


  1. Purpose and scope of application.

The current general hiring conditions and terms of use are designed to make available the information provided on the online outlet, as well as the business transactions that arise.

Both browsing the online outlet and acquiring any of the products offered on it require users to accept all the current general hiring conditions and conditions of use without exception. will be able to modify the current general hiring conditions and terms of use at any moment without prior notice, as well as the individual conditions which, in such a case, will be made public on the online outlet with their modifications with the aim of making users aware of them, and making a record of the date of the said modifications.


  1. Information provided on the website.

We make every effort to offer verified information without typing errors on the website.  In the event that this type of error occurred, beyond the control of, we would proceed to correct it immediately.  If a typing error was present in any of the prices shown and a client had made a purchasing decision based on the said error, we would inform the client of this error and they would have the right to cancel their purchase without any cost on their part.  In the same way, it is possible that the web content could show temporary information about some products on occasions.  In the case that the information given does not correspond with the characteristics of the product, the client will have the right to cancel their purchase without any cost on their part. is not responsible either directly or indirectly for any of the information, content, statements or expressions that the products sold on the website may contain.  This responsibility falls at all times on the editors and distributors of the aforementioned products.  All the contractual information given on is shown in the language that the client has chosen to view it in.  Communication with clients and users, as well as the formal contract, will be carried out and given in the said language.


  1. Intellectual and industrial property.

All content published on the online outlet and especially designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, as well as software, commercial names, industrial brands and drawings, and any other kind of symbol liable to industrial or commercial use are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of or of third parties that have duly authorised their inclusion on the website.  Under no circumstances will the aforementioned rights be withdrawn, transmitted, or either totally or partially surrendered.  Neither is there any right granted or any expectation of a right being granted to alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate about the aforementioned content without the explicit prior authorisation of or of the corresponding owners.  The inclusion of hyperlinks with commercial purposes on websites unaffiliated with which allow access to our website without previous consent is strictly prohibited.  In any case, the existence of hyperlinks on websites unaffiliated with us does not imply in any way the presence of commercial relationships with the owner of the website on which the hyperlink is located, nor the acceptance on the behalf of of their content or services.


  1. Responsibility of

 The products presented on the website are in accordance with legislation.  The responsibility of cannot be invoked in the case of products not in accordance with the legislation of the countries to which they have been sent based on the client´s order.  It is therefore the clients’ responsibility to verify the possibility of importing or using the products that they request.  The user assumes full responsibility for using our website, being the only responsible party for all direct or indirect effects originating from the website, including (illustratively and not limited to) all adverse economic, technical and/or legal results, as well as the unfulfilled expectations generated by our website, forcing the user to hold harmless for any claim arising directly or indirectly from such facts. is not responsible for the damage that could be caused by interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, failures and/or disconnections in the operative running of the electronic system or of users´ devices and computer systems, motivated by causes unconnected to, which impede or slow down the provision of services or browsing the online outlet, nor for delays or freezes during use caused by internet failure or overload, or on other electronic systems, nor the inability to provide service or allow access due to causes unattributable to, owing to users, third parties or to cases of force majeure. does not control users´ handling of the website as a general matter.  In particular, does not guarantee under any circumstance that users operate the website in accordance with the law, the current General Terms, generally accepted morals and good habits and public order, nor that they use it in a diligent and cautious way.


  1. Obligations of clients and users.

The user is generally obliged to comply with the present general terms, in addition to special warnings or instructions about usage found in the general terms or on the website, and act in accordance with the law, good habits and as good faith requires at all times, using the necessary diligence, and abstaining from using the website in any way that could impede, damage or deteriorate its normal functioning, the assets or rights of, of its providers, of other users or of any general third party.  Access to and use of the website by underage individuals without clear parental consent is prohibited. does not take responsibility for the veracity and accuracy of the information filled out by the user and therefore cannot verify their age.   Specifically, and without implying any restriction on the previous section during usage of the website, the user is obliged to:


  • Provide truthful information when requested on the user registration form or order form, and keep this information updated.
  • Abstain from adding, storing or sharing on or from the website any information or material that could be defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incite violence, racial, sexual, ideological or religious discrimination, or that in any way puts morality, public order, fundamental rights, public freedoms, honour, the privacy or image of third parties and current general regulations at risk.
  • Abstain from adding, storing or sharing by means of the online outlet any programme, information, virus, code or any other electronic or physical device that could damage the website, any of the services, equipment, systems or networks of, of any other user, of the providers of or of any general third party.
  • Carefully save the username and password assigned to them by, assuming responsibility for the damage and harm that could be caused by their misuse.
  • Abstain from carrying out advertising activities or commercial exploitation through the website, and from using the website´s content and information to send publicity, send messages with any kind of commercial purpose, or to collect or store the personal data of third parties.
  • Abstain from using false identities, stealing another person´s identity while using the website or while using any of the website´s services, in this case, including the use of passwords or access codes of third parties, or in any other way.
  • Abstain from destroying, altering, using for their own purposes, disabling or damaging the data, information, programmes or electronic documents of, its providers or third parties.
  • Abstain from adding, storing or sharing by means of the online outlet any content that infringes intellectual or industrial property rights or third party company secrets, or any content in general which the user, in accordance with the law, does not possess the right to provide to third parties. The client commits to enabling the delivery of the order requested by supplying a delivery address to which the order can be delivered within the regular delivery window for merchandise.  In the case of the client´s failure to comply with this obligation, has no responsibility for the delay in delivering the order requested by the client or the inability to deliver it.


  1. Privacy and personal data protection

For the purpose of what is stipulated in the Organic Law on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, as in the Royal Decree by which the regulations that develop the Organic Law are passed, informs you of the existence of a personal data file created by and under the responsibility of   MCH CONSULTORÍA ESTUDIA S.L. with the data obtained on the website The purpose of the said file is to manage your contractual relationship with us, as well as to carry out our own promotional activities or those of third parties via any medium, including by sending advertising messages by SMS, email, post, etc. which could be of interest to you, based on the study and division of the data collected while surfing the website, on the information provided when completing any kind of form, as well as the information that comes from our business relationship with you or the delivery of products purchased.  If you do not wish to receive advertisements, you can log into your account and deactivate the sending of the newsletter and information.  In accordance with what is stipulated by law, the clients and users of can at any moment exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their personal data via written communication to: Customer Services Department, MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L., Calle Alonso Heredia 31, MADRID, 28028, SPAIN, or alternatively by sending an email to management at, indicating their name and surnames, username and the email address with which they registered, and attaching in both cases a photocopy of the user´s ID.  In the case that the data provided is associated with a purchase, Spanish legislation requires us to retain it for at least six years, for which reason it cannot be deleted or rectified, even if the client requests so. commits to respecting your confidentiality and using the information included in the data file in accordance with its purpose, as well as fulfilling its obligation to keep it and take all measures necessary to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, in agreement with the enactment on the Regulation of Security Measures of automated data files of a personal nature.  Our secure server guarantees the privacy of the data you give us.  This said privacy is achieved with the protocol SSL, encrypting the data sent by means of the cryptosystem RSA so that nobody can seize it, given that they do not have the code necessary.  You can confirm that your browser is secure if the padlock symbol appears and you will also note that the URL is slightly different: it no longer starts with http, but with https (  has created its Code of Ethics, in which the processing of data of a personal nature is referenced.  Likewise, is part of Confianza Online, a system that resolves the possible controversies that can arise between consumers and companies in the field of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising.


  1. Cookies.

We inform you by the same token that in order to improve your browsing experience, manage the content of your basket, offer you our personalised advice, and inform you online of our offers for clients or members, our website uses mechanisms to implement cookies and IP storage.  Cookies are files that we leave in your device,  and whose only objective is to simplify your browsing on (a cookie cannot contain a virus or be run, because it is not an active file).  The cookie can only be read by and by you, and can be deleted if you wish by accessing your browsing options.


  1. Delivery costs.

Delivery and/or administration costs are not included in the price and will be shown to you before finalizing your purchase, based on the delivery address of each order.


  1. Placing orders.

To place an order, it is necessary to log on to  You will have to add the product you wish to buy to your basket, according to the instructions given on screen, completing the order form provided and validating it.  The prices and offers that appear on the website are only valid for online orders placed exclusively on, and may not match the current prices and offers in other shops belonging to our Group.  The validation of the order on the client´s behalf specifically involves being aware of and accepting these general hiring conditions as part of the execution of the contract.  Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the data recorded by is proof of the set of transactions made between and their clients. will store the electronic document in which the contract is formalised and this will be accessible.  Once the purchase is completed and in the shortest window possible, within 24 hours of the placement of your order,´s Customer Services will always send you an email with confirmation of your order.  If you are not in agreement with the data recorded in the aforementioned confirmation, you will be able to request its modification or the cancellation of the contract.


  1. Availability of products. 

The selection of products on offer at is valid as long as the products are visible on the website.  In the case of unusual unavailability of an item, will contact you immediately to inform you and give you a new delivery date, or, if it were impossible to provide you with the said product, proceed to cancel it.  In any case, a delay to the delivery regarding the period indicated will not give the client the right to demand any compensation.


  1. Payment Options and Periods.
  • PRICE: The course fees will be detailed in the information about the courses or the special offers for groups that can be made. The price of the courses includes what is stipulated in the brochure about each one of them.
  • PAYMENT: Payment of the course fees will be as follows: 100% at the time of requesting the course by card on the website.
  • PAYMENT DETAILS: All payment must be made online.
  • Payment: offers payment by credit/debit card so that you can make a purchase in the most secure way. The charge to your card will be immediate, meaning that it takes places at the moment of carrying out the transaction.  In the case that the point of sale terminal (POS) notifies us that the card has been declined, the order will be automatically cancelled, notifying the client online of its cancellation. The reservation will not be considered effective until we confirm the corresponding deposit, and delivery periods therefore start from this date onward.
  1. Reimbursement of the amount paid.
    The refund will be carried out via the payment method used at purchase.


  1. SCOPE OF APPLICATION: The current general hiring conditions are applicable to all the courses offered. These conditions will be incorporated into all the course contracts, signed by the contracting parties, and oblige the parties along with the individual conditions that are agreed in the contract.


  1. AGE: The minimum age to participate in the courses is 12 years old.


  1. ENROLMENT: The enrolment application must be handed into the company representative, be sent by post or email, or be carried out on our website All fields must be completed, signed by the student or by their legal guardian if they are underage, along with 100% of the payment as a reservation and payment of the course.
    The submission of the application alone is not sufficient to confirm the student´s place on the course.
    After receiving the application and the reservation of the place on the course, the necessary administration will be carried out to enrol the student.
    If it is confirmed that the pupil has been accepted on to the course, the amount will be assigned according to the price of the course.  If not confirmed, the entire sum will be refunded.


  1. PRICE: The price of the course will be detailed in the information relative to it or to the special offers that can be made for groups. The price of the course includes what is stipulated in the brochure about the course in question, or on the website.


  1. PAYMENT DETAILS: Payment for the courses will be made to MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L.


  1. COURSES: The timetable and duration of the classes are indicated in the course information.


  1. HOLIDAYS: the following dates will be considered holidays, and therefore classes that fall on these days will not be rescheduled or refunded: 01/01/2021, 06/01/2021, 01/04/2021, 02/04/2021, 24/12/2021, 25/12/2021, 31/12/2021.


  1. LATENESS AND LACK OF ATTENDANCE: Late arrivals and missed classes or days, regardless of motive, will be considered defects in the execution of the contract by the student and will exempt MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L. from having to reimburse any amount on grounds of defects in the execution of the contact.


  1. STUDENT’S MISDEMEANOURS: Student misbehaviour during classes will be considered a misdemeanour. In this case, this will be communicated in writing to the student. If the student receives three communications, it will be considered a defect on their part in the execution of the contract, and will imply the cancellation of the course. MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L. will not have to repay any money due to poor contract performance.


  1. EXPULSION FROM THE COURSE: Expulsion from the course means that the student must withdraw from classes immediately and will lose their credentials to access these classes. This exempts MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L. from reimbursement of any amount due to poor contract performance.
    COURSE LEVELS: MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L. will be able to give the student a level test to take before the course starts.


  1. FORMAL COMPLAINTS ABOUT COURSES: Complaints that may occur throughout the course should be made known in writing to MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L. during the course and before it finishes. No formal complaints will be accepted after the course has finished.


  1. PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS: Participation in one of our courses implies that the adult or the legal guardian of the minor gives consent to MCH CONSULTORIA ESTUDIA S.L. to use any photograph or video taken during the programme contracted on their website ( or in promotional brochures.


  1. TEACHING STAFF: The course teachers will all be native and can be considered experts.


  1. TEACHING: The teaching imparted is not regulated.


  1. VALIDITY OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS: The following general conditions of the courses are valid from 1st January 2020 until 31st December 2020.


  1. ACCEPTANCE: The sole act of signing the application form and/or participating in one of our courses implies the pupil´s acceptance of and compliance with all the general conditions included on these pages.


  1. Governing Law. Submission to law.


The trade completed on is subject to Spanish legislation.  In the case that any conflict or discrepancy occurred in the interpretation or application of the current contractual terms, the Courts, which in this case would have knowledge of the issue, would be the party with the applicable legal regulations in competent jurisdiction to deal with the matter, handling the end users in the place where the obligation is fulfilled or the residence of the consumer.  If the consumer resides outside Spain, or when dealing with a trade completed by a business, both parties are subject to the Courts of Madrid (Spain), with clear withdrawal from any other code of laws.  The current general hiring conditions were updated on 1st January 2020.



Calle Alonso Heredia 31
Madrid  28028

Company register number: B-87983425